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Dienstag, 05-05-15 02:26

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Philemon Philemon from Z3BWfmhh

Samstag, 12-12-15 08:10

depends on the age of the ballI would say a football which you have from a game in the last w. champ. ship 2002 is worth about 30-40 Eurosthe ball is from a frnlidey match? the price of it + 5-10 Euros, I would say 7 Euros An older one from the 90 s is something special' because of it's age and when you tell then the person you want to sell it to that it is from a game then you can hope it will cost 15 or even 20 Euros mor(do you say Euro or Euros?!)Well I hope that was helpfull but when I would be you I would not sell the ball to anybody because it is not a usual thing, to gat a ball from a football match.On the other hand you could wait for 20 Years and then sell it then you get lots of money but oh .do you have evidence that your ball is from a football match?When not then nobody would believe you, which is not great because then you get unpopular and finally the ball is worth nothing .Depends if you sell it on e-bay or not. lolok bye.